This is Gary right?

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    GP2, I mean. Didn't he fuck a dog?

    This just in off the local wire...fucking Florida. But the eyes are just like AGs, right? Graves Disease.

    A group of disturbed Tampa residents flagged down an officer Monday to report what they’d seen a 57-year-old neighbor doing in his yard: Performing a sex act with a pit bull, police said.

    Bernard Marsonek of 8125 Marks St. is charged with animal cruelty and taking part in sexual activity involving animals.

    After neighbors got the police’s attention, an officer found a small crowd of disturbed residents gathered who said they had yelled at Marsonek to stop. They said Marsonek ignored them.

    Officers tried to interview Marsonek in his home, but he refused to cooperate with them, police said. They found a gun and ammunition in a search, police said, resulting in another charge because they said Marsonek is a felon.

    Hillsborough County Animal Services took custody of eight large pit bulls that were located on his property.