This is like movie type shit, what's really going on?

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    I'm following this story because i'm a big Formula 1 fan....This shit is wierd

    Jenson Button robbery: Cops take blood samples as experts rubbish gassing claims
    • 15:31, 7 August 2015
    • By Rebecca Merriman
    The couple were staying at a luxury villa in St Tropez when £300,000 worth of possessions were stolen

    Camera Press [​IMG]
    Jenson Button and wife Jessica have given blood samples to be tested for gas claims
    Formula One racing driver Jenson Button and wife Jessica have given blood samples to police following claims the couple were gassed during a robbery on Monday night in St Tropez.

    The 35 year-old racing ace and his wife were staying in a luxury villa in the south of France when they were robbed on Monday night, with Jessica's £250,000 engagement ring amongst the items stolen.

    The couple were on holiday in St Tropez when the robbery occurred
    It’s been reported that two thieves are thought to have pumped the gas in through the air conditioning vent before they stole over £300,000 worth of possessions.

    Police in St Tropez confirmed they were investigating reports gas had been used on the couple to knock out those in the villa before the robbery.

    Deputy prosecutor in Draguignan Philippe Guemas confirmed blood samples from the couple had been taken but insisted nothing like this had happened to before.

    Clive Mason [​IMG]
    Jenson Button and Jessica are said to be 'shaken' following the robbery
    He told Europe1 radio: "To our knowledge there has never been a burglary like this in St Tropez where gas was used to knock out the victims."

    "Nothing has been established. Jenson Button's entourage has made this claim as the driver didn't feel well the following day.

    "We have taken blood samples which will be analysed," he added.

    A spokesperson for the star confirmed the robbery and the allegation that they may have been gassed .

    “Jenson, Jessica and friends were on holiday in a rented villa," they confirmed this week.

    “Two men broke into the property whilst they all slept and stole a number of items of jewellery including, most upsettingly, Jessica’s engagement ring .

    “The police have indicated that this has become a growing problem in the region with perpetrators going so far as to gas their proposed victims through the air conditioning units before breaking in.

    “Whilst unharmed, everyone involved is unsurprisingly shaken by the events.”

    Jessica shows off her 5-carat engagement ring which was stolen in the robbery
    However, Anaesthesia experts have debunked claims with a spokesperson for the Royal College of Anaesthetists claiming it would be practically impossible.

    "Our view is that it is very unlikely because it would be so impractical," she told The Telegraph.

    "You would need to use a truckload of gas, and that amount would be phenomenally expensive to obtain.

    "One has to ask why anyone would spend so much money on what is such an impractical method," she added.
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    Can't wait to hear the real story. This is certainly a very strange claim.
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    Does anybody know whether High Pitch Eric has anything to do with this?:cool:
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    LOL, South of France during the summer is when a lot of cat burglars strike. Lots of movies made about this:
    To Catch a Thief with Grace Kelly and Cary Grant

    Smart move by the insurance company to push for this, they're the ones that will have to shell out cash if the loss is legit. But I doubt it. This story is probably going to have some kind of twist, maybe enough twist for a new movie.