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    Solo hopes to keep low-key lifestyle

    Hope Solo is considering turning her back on a blockbuster payday following Sunday’s Women’s World Cup final in an attempt to preserve her low-key lifestyle.

    The U.S. goalkeeper has seen her popularity skyrocket during the tournament, with her Twitter following exploding from 10,000 to more than 117,000 ahead of the clash with Japan.

    A mass of lucrative endorsement deals are expected to follow once the event is over, with companies hoping to tap into Solo’s newfound fame and winning mentality.

    Two separate advertising industry sources told Yahoo! Sports that is considering making an offer for Solo to follow car racer Danica Patrick and become a “Go Daddy Girl.â€Â

    Solo, however, insisted she is more concerned with being able to live a normal life away from the spotlight than she is with maximizing her earning potential.

    “I think and hope I will still be able to live as I have been and do things my way,†said Solo. “That is important, it is part of who I am and what I enjoy and I will take what steps I need to make sure that is the case. I like having some privacy and just being me and I don’t want that to change.

    “Whatever situations come up after the World Cup is over is for me to deal with then, but money is not the most important thing to me and it never will be. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate money and respect the value of it, but I don’t make every decision based just on that.

    “I have got more important things to focus on and apart from soccer and one more game, I am not really thinking about anything else right now.â€Â

    Solo plays for the Florida-based magicJack team in Women’s Pro Soccer but has a house near Seattle where she spends her offseasons and free time.

    When not concerned with stopping shots or intercepting crosses, the 29-year-old enjoys simple pursuits such as camping that are somewhat at odds with her new status as the glamour girl of American soccer.

    Solo has also renovated much of her home herself, installing a new bathroom and undertaking a landscaping project.

    “It is my thing and I find it cool and relaxing to plan stuff out and see how you can make your home nice,†said Solo. “I have been joking with the girls that if we win the World Cup I will rip out the kitchen and put in a whole new one.â€Â

    Solo was one of the heroes for the U.S. in its gripping quarterfinal victory over Brazil, saving a critical penalty kick in the shootout to set up the victory. Despite being angry with herself for allowing a goal against France due to a mix-up, many observers felt that misfortune rather than goalkeeper error was to blame.

    Either way, Solo is determined to play the game of her life Sunday, with the Americans going into the game as the heavy favorite.

    “I came here with two goals,†she said. “I wanted to win the World Cup and be the best goalkeeper in the tournament.â€Â

    Just 90 more minutes could separate Solo from the fulfilment of not only her dual dream, but also the option of a path to riches that she may not choose to tread.
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