This week (last of july/first of august) in Stern show archives

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    from marks friggin:

    Feel the evolution. One should not that except for 2012, the news (especially in the 90s) was the show's hilight

    Olympian Jaker Herbert calls in
    Will the farter and mom
    Tiffani Theissen
    Brandon Riggm nbc excecutive comes in to promote AGT

    Artie and Jd's vegas stories
    Charlie Murphy
    Ralph vs Bubba
    Gary Garver at comic-con
    John the stutterer
    Danny Bonaduce calls in
    Tennis player Marl Philippoussis calls in
    Tracy Morgan
    Iron sheik (legendary appearance with Artie,Sal, and Richard imitating wrestlers)
    anal ring toss with Bubba and the Sheil

    Jillian Barbarie calls in
    William Shatner
    Captain Janks
    Frank Sinatra Jr calls in
    David Duchovney
    Leslie West
    Evaluating women for playboy
    Anna Nicole Smith comes in and makes out with Benjy
    Nick Dipaulo sits in for the news
    Calvin hall from Checkmate
    M. Night Shyamalan calls in
    Fred's birthday party

    escorts visit studio
    Young MC
    Crazy Alice calls in
    Adam" I am not Mental" guy visits (wackpacker type)
    Sugar Ray performance
    Author of "The Bare Facts Video Guy"
    Howard Stern beauty pageant
    Elana Beastie (from butt bongo fiesta"
    Senator Al D'amato calls in
    Kelsey Grammer's ex Girlfriend calls in
    Minnesota Twins Greg Myers and Brad Radke visit