this week of shows..

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    Jan 22, 2014
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    I have a couple thoughts about this weeks shows..

    The producers were the ones that freaked during the Erin Andrews interview she wanted to stay with it and the producers sent it back to the booth. On Dan Patricks' show she even stuck up for Sherman and said she wasn't offended in the least.. Jon Salley...were you really sticking up for that dictator in North Korea and saying it's American propaganda?? Lost lot's of respect for you..Plus you sounded high!...Bochetti and the twins should be fired for not agreeing to be hypnotized! Cripes even Artie and Jon were willing to do it! Also the hypnotist should have worked on getting the guys ready to go under before the show, not rushing and making him do it during the commercial breaks! Fallato is getting lazy. It seems like no prep work is being done at all... Just had to get this rant out..