Those Silly Boomers

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    Pelican related because he's of the dippy generation that gets into "bro" fights.

    The above link is about boomers getting for dinner to talk about dying. Some kind of cutsie thing called "let's get together for dinner and talk about dying."

    What do you guys think about death? Do you think about it often? I started thinking about death a LOT starting around age 8 and didn't get much comfort from family. They didn't understand my obsession and probably figured I'd get over it. That it was a faze. It wasn't. I still think about it most every day. Not that it bothers me anymore. It bothered the fuck out of me until I was around 16 and then went into my nihilist faze. I'm now more fearful of stuff like paralysis than death.

    In the article someone talked about not wanting life-extending medical care like a tube or whatever. I've heard that one before. This one old broad, a friend's granny, said the same fucking thing but when she had an emergency, she begged the emergency workers to save her. So, the whole plan to pull the plug was kiboshed because they figured she'd changed her mind in that moment of fear.

    And then the people who say they want to be cremated rather than put in a box. As if it's better. Man, have you ever seen a cremation? They burn you up into chunks. Yeah, there's some ash but that cranium of yours? They basically put that fucker into a coffee grinder to make the ashes. After they smash it with a hammer.

    Anyways, interesting article.