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    The following is a list of criteria exhibited by thss. I wanted some perspective, so I wrote them generally.

    1. Must maintains a body temperature somewhere in the mid-90s
    2. Less than 20 minutes of break time per hour
    3. Show up for work more than 3 days per week
    4. Must show up for work completely unprepared and immediately ready to go home
    5. Must constantly plug your other job
    6. Must expect a compensation package equivalent to winning a major, multi-state lottery prize each year for ten years
    7. Must demand twelve weeks vacation each year
    8. Must constantly demand nepotism appointments for friends & relatives
    9. Must be completely oblivious to new technologies
    10. Must have ability to stick to a scripted response regardless of how often people dismantle its validity
    11. Must constantly be clandestine in the undermining of the careers of competators
    12. Must overtly and clandestinely undermine the careers of your staff to keep them from finding employment elsewhere.
    13. Must determine means to provide content and maintain office logistics on a without a budget.