Today we learned that Benjy have a contract direct with SiriusXM.

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    The only interesting with todays staged fight was when Howard said that: "If I fire Benjy, Sirius will keep the money". This means that Benjy have a artist contract directly with SiriusXM like Gary/Robin/Fred.
    Artie also had one direct with SiriusXM and it was not renewed and Sirius pocketed that money (money Howard thinks is his).

    This means that Benjy makes much more money then we believe and that he have the same insane vacation schedule like the rest of the stars.
    Technically Howard can't fire Benjy since Benjy works for SiriusXM.

    Benjy is contractually considered an "on air" performer.

    On THSS there is a clear "A" and "B" team. They who have a contract with Sirius make upwards a million a year. (I have no idea what Benjy makes, but its several hundred thousand)
    The B team is payed by the "show budget" provided by SiriusXM. JD alluded that he made about 60K a year.

    Howard, of course, makes more then all employes together times 100. During his first 5 years at Sirius he raked in almost 200 million per year with all bonuses. That is only 100 times more then what Gary/Robin/Fred/Benjy makes combined.