Tony Burton at Don Buchwald and Associates

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    How to break into the unscripted/hosting biz with Agent Tony Burton

    “Who would have thought that Jersey Shore would be the biggest show,†says Tony Burton, talent agent for the Host/Broadcast department at Don Buchwald and Associates (DBA) in New York. Yet, Jersey Shore does pull in viewers because “it resonates with an audience.â€
    Succeeding in the unscripted/hosting biz takes “that something, that indescribable,†which Tony specializes in finding.

    Tony Burton began his career in the prestigious NBC Page program and went on to Produce at the “Today Show', “Dateline†(winning an Emmy Award, 1999), “HBOâ€, and “ESPN†before joining Don Buchwald and Associates in 2007.

    “I've been in this world of news and sports, which is an unscripted world, before I came to DBA,†Tony shares. “I am plugged in. That's where my eye is so it makes it much easier for me to say ‘that person could be a good host.'â€...........................(lots more in link)