Ugh! Freaking Beth press release article

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    I love the website Celebitchy. It's usually great, bitchy, well written gossip but today they write this praising fluff piece about Beth and the kittens. Stop it! Don't ruin my guilty pleasure gossip sites you press releasing moron!
    Beth Stern has been fostering kittens, has over 200k followers on Instagram
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    You guys know I am only covering this story because kitties, but it’s a nice story – and kitties. Beth Ostrosky Stern, Howard Stern’s wife of seven years, is an animal lover and is involved in animal charities. (I still remember the sweet message she posted when their bulldog passed, it broke my heart.) Beth has been fostering cats and kittens in her home for some time now, and I’m just discovering her kind of amazing Instagram account in which she posts photos of the kittens just looking adorable and doing kitten stuff. Apparently this is making her Internet famous, she has 210,000 followers on Instagram, and she’s giving her talkshow host husband a run for his money. The couple told a cute story about how they were out at dinner and Beth got recognized from Instagram.

    Blah, blah, blah goes on to repeat the stupid press release story about the kids who recognized her. Go away!