Uh oh! Future 5 star Bunk Beefus Book Reviews are in trouble!

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    Uh oh!


    Amazon Files First Lawsuit To Block Companies From Selling Fraudulent Positive Reviews

    For the first time in the 20 years that Amazon has allowed users to review products, the company is taking legal action against businesses it claims sells fake reviews to third-party sellers.

    The Seattle Times reports that Amazon filed a lawsuit Wednesday in a Washington state court against four websites – BuyAmazonReviews.com, BayReviews.net, BuyReviewsNow.com. and BuyAzonReviews.com – and their operators, accusing the companies of an array of illegal business practices that undermine customer trust and the integrity of the online retailer.

    For example, Amazon claims that buyazonreviews.com promises that for $19 to $22 per review it will provide five-star write-ups in a “slow-drip” manner as to avoid detection by the retailer.

    The site also allegedly tells potential customers to “simply ship empty packages in an effort to fool Amazon into believing the reviewer was a ‘verified purchaser.'”