VBulletin "Live Topic" Mod Add-On

Discussion in 'Help and Support Desk' started by Wing, Jan 5, 2011.

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    This is a feature that will be great for active threads, so members don't have to refresh the page to see recent posts.

    When a topic is "Hot" (Hot = someone replied to the topic within 300 seconds ago [Changeable in the admin cp]) it will show the post simultaneously as it's posted!

    This is how one guy explained how to add it: "When you download, take the stuff inside "Upload" and upload it on your FTP the same place where you have "showthread.php" and then add the product/plugin with uploading the .xml file"

    Apparently, it decreases server load as well.

    >>More Info and where to get it<<

    This is a GREAT feature! I've experienced it and I love it and so does everyone else. We had it on AW and now we don't and we are really missing it.
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    Im not sure about this mod, but on other *sites* we have a chat or im option which i love. Im a member on facebook and like the chat option and would love to see it on my fav forums.