Entertainment Wash. Post - Compares Trump with H. Stern Campaign for Governor

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    Click below and read the complete article cause I only posted some of it.


    What Howard Stern for governor can teach us about Donald Trump

    By Amber Phillips August 11 at 12:10 PM

    Once upon a time, an ostentatious, outspoken, oft-offensive New York celebrity threatened to get into politics. Few believed him, even after he announced his candidacy.

    But they eventually took him seriously, especially since this celebrity's potential third-party run appeared to threaten the outcome of the race. Some of the candidates distanced themselves from him while others played nice, because of that possibility.

    The similarities between Howard Stern's 1994 run for New York governor and Donald Trump's 2016 presidential run don't end there. Here's the story of that one time Howard Stern ran for governor -- and what we can learn from the whole experience about our latest New York celebrity shaking up politics.

    Chapter One: The surprise candidacy

    In 1994, incumbent Gov. Mario Cuomo (D) was up for reelection, and his approval ratings were in the 40s. Republicans smelled blood.

    They nominated a then-little-known state senator named George Pataki (who went onto win the race, serve three terms, and is now running for president).

    For reasons that are still debatable, Stern decided this was his moment, too. Stern announced on his radio show he was running for governor. Stern had talked with the 600-700-member-strong New York Libertarian Party and would be running as a libertarian.