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    Long Island man, 42, busted for tampering with traffic cameras after posting YouTube video about it
    BY Thomas Tracy
    Wednesday, August 26, 2015, 8:55 AM
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    [​IMG] Suffolk County Police Department
    Stephen Ruth was busted Tuesday and charged with four counts of criminal tampering and obstruction governmental administration.
    A Long Island rebel without a clue was cuffed for tampering with traffic cameras in Ronkonkoma after he posted a video to YouTube showing him in the act, Suffolk police said.

    "To do this successfully, all you need is a pair of b---- and a painter's extension rod," Stephen Ruth, 42, of Centereach said in his 1-minute, 4-second video, posted Tuesday. "I'm going to show you how easy it is to take the power back."

    Police said Ruth used the extension rod to knock the cameras off their fixed position so they wouldn't be able to take snapshots of cars blowing through red lights.

    He tampered with two cameras on Ocean Ave. and the Long Island Expressway South Service Rd. on Thursday and Friday, then altered the direction of two cameras on Hawkins Ave. and the Long Island Expressway Service Road on Tuesday, cops said.

    When he was done, all the lenses could record were clouds, according to Suffolk County police.

    Cops identified Ruth after receiving several tips about the YouTube video.

    Ruth was arrested at his home on Stewart Circle Tuesday afternoon and charged with four counts of criminal tampering and obstruction governmental administration. His arraignment was pending Wednesday.

    In the video, Ruth admitted that he had been caught one too many times on the red light cams — and had to pay the price.

    "This camera has gotten me numerous times for not waiting three seconds," he said on the video moments after adjusting the camera.

    "Who's to say that I need to wait three seconds after I clearly see that there is no one coming in my direction? This is government taking advantage and it's going to stop."

    His rant continued on his Facebook page after his arrest.

    "To all the people thinking 'Why would he do that? Didn't he think he was going to get arrested?' Of course I knew I would be arrested," he wrote.

    "I did it for the people who come back from war and get abused by these cameras. I did it because senior citizens are getting these, the same ones that went to war for us. These same seniors (who) live in New York's high cost environment and are being forced out of New York because of its high taxes."

    [​IMG] Stephen Ruth via YouTube
    The 42-year-old shows how to disable a red light traffic camera in a YouTube video.
    On his video, Ruth said that by knocking one camera off kilter, he "just saved people about $10,000."

    Some hailed Ruth's take back the streets approach on his Facebook page.

    "I love you !! XO," Ruth's Facebook friend Raine Dileo posted.

    Suffolk County began its red light safety program in July 2010. There are 50 red light cameras positioned throughout the county. Anyone caught by one faces an $80 fine, according to the county's website.

    The cameras are maintained by Baltimore-based Affiliated Computer Services
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    I was just thinking about doing that yesterday. Except for the posting on Youttube thing.
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    :facepalm: what a moron....
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