What Howard thinks is hot = Not Beth

Discussion in 'The Howard Stern Show' started by Phantom Lord, Oct 29, 2014.

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    I only caught a bit of the show this week. Each had a part where Howard went on about how hot he thinks a particular type of girl is which isn't Beth.

    The first one was the Amy Poehler interview. Howard brought up several times how hot it is to have a spouse that earns her own money by working. Amy finally had to crowbar in that Beth earned money before she met Howard. He had to agree that she was making money. Sure random catalog models make as much as the top national radio personality back in 1999.

    Then today Howard was talking about his favorite show The Five on Fox News. He went on about the hosts and how they were hot but also well educated. He talked about how they have a lawyer on the show and the fact that she is smart makes her even hotter. He went on to talk about how it is a turn on when a girl is smart like this. We have all seen Beth on talk shows and know she is far from a member of Mensa.

    Does anyone else think the honeymoon has been off for a while? Why does a family of 2 people and some cats need a 17,000+ sq. foot house in Florida? Is it because it is so big that they rarely have to see each other? Just a thought.
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    The honeymoon has been over a long time. Beth stopped kissing him (eeewwww, can you blame her??) many years ago. He repulses her. From my own experience, when I was unhappy in my marriage I was totally repulsed by my then husband, kissing was off limits and He was good looking. No amount of booze could change that.

    He has to know that she is a dim wit. What once attracted him to her now makes him dislike her. He just can't admit it because it proves he married a gold digger. Her idea of reading is the tabloids, mostly to see if there's anything about her in it.

    He won't divorce her unless she is publicly caught cheating on his cuckold ass.
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    You do not have to be smart to be a lawyer.