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    I picked this from newsday.com Nov. 2012 interview Nick did with them.

    Nick has mentioned on the show, a number of times, that Artie and him were never close friends before the show. It appears that Nick getting pissed off, on the show, about not hitting hard breaks, following schedule and talking sports, was not shtick (I really thought it was).

    One of my favorite parts of the show, especially in the past, was how long it would take N&A to actually talk about a topic that they would promo before commercial breaks. Once it took 4 days before they talked about it.


    "Still, every now and then, Di Paolo thinks Lange is coming out of leftfield, and vice versa. A New England sports fan, Di Paolo says he goes into every show with a specific set of sports topics, and with every intention to break for commercials when scheduled. In sharp contrast is Lange, a devout Yankees and Giants fan, who's a bit less structured on the air, perhaps due to his experience as a longtime sidekick to the satellite-exclusive and free-form Howard Stern.

    "Artie is so used to being on Stern for so many years, where they didn't have to watch the clock," Di Paolo said. "He's so used to having people on for an hour without taking a break, but we can't do that, because we're on [some] terrestrial radio [stations]. So I try to keep it on track, and try to make it sound like a sports show, and Artie gets bored every three minutes and wants to take it off the tracks. That's been a challenge, but it's entertaining nonetheless."

    They're still getting used to each other, according to Di Paolo. Yes, they'd toured together for years, headlining venues both near (the defunct Center Stage Comedy Club in New Rochelle) and far (a Kandahar military base during their 2008 USO comedy tour). But more recently, Lange endured drug addiction, self-inflicted stab wounds and a stint at a psych ward. It was only after Lange's recovery that he started talking with Di Paolo more regularly, and most of those conversations have been on-air since the show launched late last year.

    "Me and Artie knew each other marginally, for years, and always in good times," Di Paolo said. "And then next thing you know, you're thrown together every night, and it's like an arranged marriage. He'll definitely say a lot of stuff he doesn't like about me, and we butt heads here and there, but they're growing pains. ... We don't try to hide that [stuff]. That's what makes the show so great, warts and all."

    Lange expressed a similar opinion about their dynamic when he spoke with Newsday Westchester earlier this year.
    "Nick is one of the funniest guys, but something Nick Di Paolo is -- and something I respect -- Nick never wavers from what his opinion is," Lange said. "Nick is never phony."

    Di Paolo said even their stubborn ways don't stop them from enjoying each other's company."
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