whats the funniest or most humiliating thing that ever happened to you?

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    Feb 7, 2015
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    My best friend reminded me of this last month, and I'd like to hear other peoples moments, we all have one!

    So my bff and I were sitting in our councillors office. I farted. Twice. We break out into hysterical laughter. I found out that day I have stress incontinence the hard way. I started to pee and pee. That made us laugh even harder. i filled the chair and it overflowed onto the floor, rivers of pee on the floor. Finally we stop and she went to a lady behind a desk who didn't know what happened. Leslie asked for some towels because her friend had an accident. The lady asked her what kind of accident? Leslie points at me looking pitiful. While the lady went to get the paper towels, our councillor came out of his office. He looks at me. Looks at the floor and looks back up at me. Doesn't say a word, just went back into his office. That was the start of a nightmare for me, leslie and I were always laughing so I got sent home frequently to change clothes. Its kinda sad, I never laugh that hard anymore!