Who was the female celebrity that Howard talked with on the phone that...

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    I was listening to a replay of one of the shows this week and Howard and Robin was talking about the new David Blaine new stunt and then I was trying to recall...

    ...a female celebrity (for some reason I want to say a A -list actress) that was dating David Blaine or was at one of this stunts watching and Howard talked with on the phone.

    Howard started his whole "Hey baby how you been? what you been doing? We all need to get together?, etc"

    The female had no interest in talking with Stern, blowing him off and was basically like "huh, who is this?

    Anyone know what the hell I am referring to??
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    Does this help?

    Blaine’s former famous girlfriends

    These women all cast their own spell on the magician at one point or another:

    Madonna: Blaine dated the material girl briefly in 1998 before she married Guy Ritchie in 1999. He then moved on to another famous singer.

    Fiona Apple: The New York singer and songwriter became Blaine’s girlfriend in 1998. Apple showed up to support Blaine during his “Dive of Death” stunt in Central Park. She also wrote her sophomore album while the two were dating.

    Bijou Phillips: Phillips dated Blaine briefly in 1999, before getting engaged to Danny Masterson.

    Daryl Hannah: In 2002, the actress and the illusionist began dating. Their brief romance lasted six months. During the course of the relationship, the couple was spotted globetrotting and very affectionate.