"Why Can't John Edwards Just Lay Low?" Huh?

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    Caught the first half hour of the HS Train Wreck today.

    Howard: "Why can't John Edwards just take his money and lay low? He couldn't just lay low."
    Robin: "He can't do that because he just has to be famous."

    How fuckin' delusional are these two nutjobs?

    Spoken by a fat cunt who's trying to get a show and a book written about healthful eating instead of just practicing what she preaches and appreciating her undeserved multi-million-dollar salary and a near billionaire who can't just enjoy being flown back and forth between his duplex 6-apartment-sized mansion in Manhattan and his ostentatious Hamptons mansion with his model wife. Needs to fly back and forth across the country to go on AGT, promote failed show after failed show for his no-talent wife, make constant red carpet and Hamptons events appearances like every other celebutard in NY, only dressed like a fuckin' retard with a laughably stupid wig that fools nobody, and turn a solitary hobby of quietly learning photography into another vehicle of self-indulgence and self-promotion for something he can barely even do properly.

    And someone who's always correcting other peoples' grammar ought to know it's lie low not "lay" low.
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