Why is THSS is different than it used to be?

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    May 3, 2013
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    Do you think it's because Howard is running out of stuff and a bit older or do you think it's because of Beth?

    Not that this is shocking mind you but I honestly think Beth changed him and made him stop with the sexual, porn, dirty, explicit stuff because she wants Hollywood friends and life and wants him to do stuff like AGT or late night etc and boost her into another world. I think she knew maybe that him doing that older funny dirtier stuff would not make many celeb friends or get respect. I mean look at the difference now. I think she's a different person in private and put her foot down about the show.

    Another thing. Why marry these young women who want a certain thing? Why not just date young women and if they don't like you or want your money....cya later woman. Just date or not get married! Why get into all this money lock up BS and life change for someone??

    Sorry, messed up title. To many "is's" haha
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