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    I literally have not able to listen to one minute of the new Wrapup...i try to download on the app, which ones dont say a celeb guest host joins them, but almost all of the WUS is now with a third guest host.

    For a while wrapup would keep me going since Howard hardly says anything on his show, its been fake stuff like being in Vietnam, he never talks about anything real much anymore. Maybe as everyone says here, he is just rich and that's why. I still do listen to celeb interviews, thats one place where there is some real content. Which doesnt involve Howard giving up anything about himself anymore.

    But wrapup was the place I went to because I could still get Back Office type content, and everything changed now, with a third guest host and very little Gary, which is another reason I loved Wrapup. i cant find a thread that has addressed if anyone knows what the real reason is that Gary isnt on as much and why they now need a 3rd host. Having Sal in and Jason in more would be better than celeb guest hosts that are so boring.

    Wonder why they have to have a celeb guest host and wont tap into more Sal and Jason? I can listen to them join Gary and Jon forever...Jason is so lively and has so much to say just like Gary.

    Wish some of the fans here would try to call in to ask Howard what the deal is. altho he probably a. wont take an honest call, and b. won't answer it honestly. Agreed he is on autopilot now, but maybe its because Howard just wants out and doesnt care about Sirius..?