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    i love drunken messes-

    MAY 31--A judge yesterday ordered an Ohio man to stay away from the Kroger store where he allegedly stripped naked and [​IMG]defecated on a self-checkout scanner.

    Colin Murphy, 23, was arrested early Sunday following a repulsive incident inside the Kroger market in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Cincinnati (where Murphy lives).

    According to criminal complaints, Murphy entered the Kroger and “stripped naked in front of” a male employee. The suspect, police noted, smelled of alcohol, had slurred speech, and staggered as he walked.

    After disrobing, Murphy “defecated on U-Scan it,”investigators allege.

    Seen above, Murphy, who lives less than two miles from the Kroger, was arrested on disorderly conduct and public indecency charges.

    During a court appearance Monday, a judge set Murphy’s bail at $2000 and barred him from returning to the soiled Kroger.

    Murphy, who was freed yesterday from the Hamilton County jail, is scheduled for a June 1 pre-trial hearing. (2 pages)