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Car that runs on water...I think its real.

Discussion in 'Unexplained Mysteries' started by Johnnykstaint, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. Johnnykstaint

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    Sep 17, 2010
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    Top Gear's Ollie Kew tries out the 'world-saving' NanoFlowcell Quantino.

    10 October 2016
    The annual Geneva motor show is a designer's event, and its halls are packed each March with a predicatably dazzling array of concept cars, from the usual suspects along with the occasional unknown. So when a startup called NanoFlowcell arrived in Geneva back in 2014, pulling the wraps off a battery electric grand touring car called the Quant e-SportLimousine, the world was intrigued, if unsurprised. But beyond its dramatic looks and outlandish performance claims (zero to 62mph in 2.6 seconds, a 236mph top speed) this design study made a genuinely audacious promise: It could run on saltwater.

    The Quant made use of an ex-Nasa technology, a flow battery powered by 'ionic liquid' – that is, simple saline water. It's not quite as simple as filling the tank with sea water, but there's little question the system is environmentally friendly in ways no other propulsion system (save, perhaps, solar) could be.

    Top Gear's Ollie Kew recently enjoyed some seat time in the Quantino, the company's city-car sized concept from the 2015 Geneva show. The car – which has been approved for use on European roads – gets its power from a "flow cell" comprised of two 159-litre tanks, each filled with a different electrolytic liquid – one with a positive charge and one with a negative charge. The tanks are separated by a membrane and it is the meeting and interaction of the two fluids that creates an electric charge. Simple, yes? The Quantino’s electric motor produces a modest 136 horsepower, giving it (says its maker) the ability to run from zero to 62mph in five seconds and press on to a top speed of 125mph.

    So what did Ollie think of the "electric car that you never have to charge"? Read on.
  2. Mr. Potato Head

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    Sep 15, 2010
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    I'd piss in the gas tank.
  3. Howard Stearn

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    Dec 13, 2011
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    We will never be done with gasoline until every last drop of that sweet dinojuice has been emitted into the atmosphere.
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