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Download Sites - Your Preference(s)

Discussion in 'The Bar' started by Senator Rick, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. Senator Rick

    Senator Rick Guest

    I used to use isohunt for movies and various seasons of the (very) few tv shows I'm into.
    Since they got into trouble I'm down to demonoid and/or piratebay.

    I prefer demonoid but they're not as quick to get new movie stuff as isohunt was.
    They're great for new music releases and tv episodes (or season runs).

    Piratebay is so full of malware that you have to be certain that you're downloading an axxo or fxm or jaybob file. They also have a great selection of porn on their site as well but you have to be a member -free.
    Perusing the posted comments is a must if you want to avoid malware or viruses.

    Now jaybob has a new site and they're directing people to download some kind of anonymizer that they provide (for a fee) and promise that you can then access isohunt's "other" server which isn't monitored by MPAA or NARAS.
    Anyone tried it?

    I use newsgroups for a lot of music and for old classic films that mostly run on TCM or Fox Movie Classics or the Encore channels.

    What about y'all?
  2. Senator Rick

    Senator Rick Guest

    You bunch of heathens ain't gonna share none of your movie download sites with me?

    I found new THE KILLER INSIDE ME film adaptation available for download on Demonoid early this a.m.
    Problem is that it might be be encoded with Dutch subtitles.