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Unite for troops

Discussion in 'The Bar' started by DFWTexan1975, Nov 6, 2010.

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    Sep 20, 2010
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    What Is Unite For Troops?

    Unite for troops is a one day drive held in Irving, TX to collect necessities for deployed troops. For six years we have invited the DFW community to join us in collecting needed items for those serving overseas and their families and have seen great success in the past. We hope to make this year the best yet!

    Where do the items go?

    All items we collect will end up directly in the hands of the brave men and women of our military. These items will be delivered directly to the first USO stationed in Iraq as well as deploying military from Ft. Hood and DFW Airport. They sent us a list of their needs including children's books to be used with the United For Reading Program. This program invites military parents to select and read books, provided by us, from a reading room for their children. They are taped while reading and even given private time with the camera . The videos and books are then sent to their children. It's easy to see how quickly they can run short of books. There is also a list of needed items such as snacks, non breakable Christmas ornaments, batteries, small toiletries and of course letters.

    Where does the money raised from the event go?

    Any funds raised from food at the event will go towards purchases additional necessities and will be sent to the USO.